Arizona Cop Punches Hispanic Woman In Face, Drags Her On Concrete During Traffic Stop

A newly-released police body cam video shows a police officer punching and dragging Renee Armenta during a traffic stop on Sept. 6 in Goodyear, Arizona.

Armenta was allegedly driving without a license when she was stopped, notes The Arizona Republic.

In the police body cam video, the officer — whom the police report only lists as “M. Ross” — asks Armenta’s name and immediately arrests her without stating why.

“M. Ross” yells for Armenta to put her hands up, and refuses again to say why he is arresting her.

“M. Ross” punches Armenta in the face and drags her along the pavement.

“M. Ross” then pulls out his gun and aims it at Armenta’s male passenger who exited the car. “M. Ross” tells the man to get on the ground, which he does.

“M. Ross” handcuffs Armenta and refuses to tell her why.

After punching, dragging and handcuffing her, “M. Ross”  claims that Armenta resisted arrest.

The Goodyear Police Department refused to fully identify the name of the officer, who is paid by public tax dollars.

Paramedics arrives on the scene to treat Armenta’s injuries, but she requests to be taken to a hospital, while police mock her request.

The male passenger, identified as John Moreno, was arrested and charged with drug paraphernalia.

Goodyear police officials said the Surprise Police Department would take over the investigation.

Anthony Ramirez, Armenta’s lawyer, told reporters at a Sept. 11 that she may file a civil suit against the city and officer while defending his client’s criminal charges.

(Source: The Arizona Republic)

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