Arizona Cop Kills Boy for Running Away with Orange-Tipped Toy Gun, Gets Full Retirement Benefits

The Tempe Police Department in Arizona released a police body cam video of Officer Joseph Jaen chasing a 14-year-old boy, Antonio Arce, and fatally shooting him in an alley on Jan. 15.

Antonio was carrying an orange-tipped toy gun, which Jaen believed was real.

The Tempe police say Antonio was breaking into a vehicle.

Antonio’s mother, Sandra Gonzalez, called 911 to get help in finding her son, but told police that her boy would likely run if he saw police, because they made him nervous, noted AZ Central.

Antonio’s parents filed a $5 million Notice of Claim against the City of Tempe and the Tempe Police Department in July 2019:

Officer Jaen’s actions violate long-standing tradition and common sense. In our society, we do not shoot unarmed people, and we certainly do not shoot them in the back.

The Tempe Police Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Board granted Jaen — who resigned from the Tempe Police Department in May 2019 — accidental disability retirement payments, notes

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