Arizona Cop Kills Boy, 14, Running Away With Toy Gun, Police Story Contradicts Video

A police officer shot a 14-year-old burglary suspect, who was carrying a toy gun, in Tempe, Arizona on Jan. 15.

The Arizona Republic obtained video of the incident, which shows Officer Joseph Jaen chasing and fatally shooting the teen, Antonio Arce, in an alley.

Jaen approached a parked gray Chevy pickup, but then took cover behind some trash cans while Arce exited the truck, reports CNN.

Sgt. Ron Elcock told KNXV that Jaen perceived (imagined) a (non-existent) threat and killed him: “The suspect turned toward the officer, at which time the officer perceived a threat and fired his service weapon.”

CNN notes that the statement contradicts the video: “However, the body-camera video only shows the teen running away from the officer and does not appear to show him turn.”

The teen was holding a replica 1911 airsoft toy gun that he allegedly stole from the truck.

(Sources: Arizona Republic, CNN, KNXV)

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