Arizona Cop Handcuffs & Drags Innocent Woman Across Street

A police officer was filmed pulling a woman out of her car, handcuffing her and dragging her on a street in Tempe, Arizona, on the Fourth of July.

The officer shouted “Stand up! Stand up or I’m going to drag you!” before dragging the woman across the pavement, notes The Arizona Republic.

While bystanders ignored the woman’s screams, Greg Schenk filmed the incident and posted it on Facebook.

Schenk told The Arizona Republic that the officer hit drivers’ cars when they couldn’t understand instructions. Schenk said the officer told pedestrians to cross the street, but the woman thought she was being told to go through the intersection.

Schenk said the officer gave the woman conflicting instructions, and then pulled the woman out of her car:

She was clearly confused and had no intent of breaking the law.

Detective Lily Duran, a Tempe police spokeswoman, told The Arizona Republic that the agency is looking into the incident.

Duran refused to answer questions as to why the woman was handcuffed and dragged.

(Sources: Arizona Republic, Greg Schenk/Facebook)

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