Arizona Cop Cracks Special Needs Man’s Head Open With Taser And Beats Him, No Charges

Officer Joshua Carroll resigned an internal affairs investigation recommended Carroll be fired for beating a man with special needs, David Dulaney, on June 13 in Glendale, Arizona.

Carroll approached Dulaney’s car after someone reported a suspicious man sleeping in the car. Carroll told the confused man to put his hands on the steering wheel, but Dulaney attempted to slowly get out of the car.

Carroll screamed at the frightened Dulaney, and then demanded he get out of the car, but Dulaney was too scared. Carroll pulled Dulaney out of his car, tased him, slammed him on the ground and beat him in the back of the head, notes

The car in which Dulaney was sleeping in had been reported stolen, but it’s not clear if Dulaney was the car thief.

Dulaney has yet to be charged for any crime, but Carroll resigned before being terminated, which would allow him to join another police department.


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