Anti-Vaxxer Parents Outraged After NJ Lawmakers Tighten Rules On Immunizations

More than 300 opponents of vaccinations were outraged on April 5 when lawmakers voted 7-3 for a bill that would make it harder to get religious exemptions from mandatory immunizations in Trenton, New Jersey.

The bill, A3818, requires students, or their parents or guardians, to submit a notarized document that says exactly why a vaccination violates their religious beliefs or practices, notes New Jersey 101.5.

Over 60 people testified against the bill, which is designed to keep children healthier.



People shouted “sellouts!” and called lawmakers traitors, shameful and various curse words.

Michael Weinstein, director of the New Jersey Immunization Network, issued support for the bill:

We stand in total support of A3818.We recognize the bill as a move to enhance and support public health and not as a restriction of the expression of religious belief but more so as a vehicle to rein in what I like to refer to as an exemption of convenience to bypass the mandated laws.

Lisa Gulla, president of the New Jersey Association of County and City Health Officials, was heckled by the audience when she promoted vaccinations:

History and current practice shows us that vaccines are the most successful and cost-effective public health tool.


(Sources: New Jersey 101.5)

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