Anti-Vaccination Movement Spreads To Pets

The anti-vaccination movement, which has caused measles outbreaks across the country, is now spreading to pets.

A Sacramento, California dog owner told KOVR when she got her dog vaccinated “his throat and face and eyes swelled up and he got hives all over his body.”

A local veterinarian, Dr. Illiana Halperin, countered with science: “It’s incredibly rare that we get an adverse reaction to a vaccine.”

Halperin said the real danger is when dogs or cats don’t get their shots, especially for things like Rabies or Parvo.

Fortunately, California law says puppies need a Rabies shot by the time they’re four months old, and dogs are required to be “up” on their shots before you drop them off at a doggy daycare or a boarding facility.

(Source: KOVR)

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