Anti-Muslim, Anti-Gay Street Preacher Shouts: ‘We Love Donald Trump’

A Los Angeles-based group calling itself the Official Street Preachers demonstrated outside a mosque in Columbus, Ohio on Sept. 15 by holding anti-gay and anti-Muslim signs.

The Official Street Preachers has been a designated “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A video of the protesters was posted on Facebook by Cole Londeree.

“We love Donald Trump, you wicked devil,” one street preacher yelled while holding a sign that said: “Homos and Muslims go to hell,” notes WOSU.

Another protester’s sign stated: “Lukewarm Christians like Trump will burn in hell with all liberals. Repent and obey Jesus.”

Peace Catalyst Columbus, a Christian organization, held a counter-protest and formed a “silent line of protection” around the mosque.

Rebecca Brown of Peace Catalyst Columbus stated: “They were defiling Islam, just blatantly trying to find the most radical things they could say about Islam. But also very confrontational and aggressive towards those of us who were trying to be peacefully present.”

Ruben Israel, leader of the Official Street Preachers, said on Facebook that his group would be protesting in Columbus and Cincinnati.

(Sources: WOSU, Cole Londeree/Facebook)

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