Anti-Mask Pastor — Who Runs Child Daycare Center — Falsely Claims COVID-19 is a ‘Hoax’

The Virginia Department of Health investigated complaints that a teacher with COVID-19 refused to wear a safety mask while working with toddlers and infants Little Lambs Christian Dayschool in Radford, Virginia.

The state agency found that no one was wearing masks at the daycare center that is part of the Fairlawn Christian Academy, reports The Washington Post.

However, Pastor Stephen Phillips sent a memo to parents on Nov. 16 in which he warned them not to trust federal health authorities:

Don’t allow yourself to be controlled and manipulated by media hype and government propaganda. Please do your own research!

Noelle Bissell, director of the New River Health District, said the state suspended Little Lambs Christian Dayschool’s food-service permit after Phillips told investigators he would refuse to follow public health guidelines during the pandemic.

Phillips told parents the state shut down his entire business, including Fairlawn Christian Academy, and claimed the coronavirus pandemic was a “hoax”:

Because we have refused to adopt state mandated Covid guidelines, we have had our license to do business rescinded. If you are not already aware, the entire Covid pandemic has been a hoax to establish an the anti-Christ Kingdom on earth.

Bobby Parker, a spokesman for the state health department, said the food permit “is not permanently cast aside” and “there is an opportunity for it to be restored if there’s a demonstration of compliance.”

(Sources: The Washington Post,

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