Anti-Gay Pastor Goes On Angry Rant About Being In “Facebook Jail”

Pastor Greg Locke went on a rant on Facebook on Aug. 3 about being placed in “Facebook jail” for one of his anti-gay rants. Locke insisted it was wrong of Facebook to suspend him because of his video about LGBTQ people because he has a blue verified checkmark:

“Let me explain something to you, Facebook. I have a blue verified checkmark with over a million legitimate followers on one page for a reason. And that is, I have not violated your community standards.”

Blue verified checkmarks do not make people immune to Facebook suspensions for violating community standards. Locke went on to attack the social media giant for not siding with him:

“Do you not watch anything that I post? 20 million views, nearly, on a Target video last year in their bathroom fiasco, and now, all of a sudden, I violate your community standards? No. What I did is I tipped over the sacred cow of this perverted evil corrupt culture of the LGBTQ crowd and you bowed to the criticism and the judgmentalism and you sided with them rather than siding with me.”

(Source: Pastor Greg Locke/Facebook)

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