Anti-Coronavirus Safety Protesters Scream at Cops in Their Faces, No Masks Worn by Either Side

A large group of protesters, not wearing masks, screamed in the faces of police officers, also not wearing masks, at the state capitol in Sacramento, California on May 1 (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

The protesters, some of whom brought their unmasked children, also accused the cops of being “race traitors” and other absurd claims.

Eventually the police did put on masks and helmets, and pushed the crowd back away from the Capitol building.

The New York Times notes that these anti-safety protests were nationwide, and included right wing “extremists twisting the public health crisis to bolster their white supremacist, anti-government agenda”:

Embellishing Covid-19 developments to fit their usual agenda, extremists spread disinformation on the transmission of the virus and disparage stay-at-home orders as “medical martial law” — the long-anticipated advent of a totalitarian state.

The New York Times also reports that anti-vaccination advocates are also protesting against the safety measures:

The people behind the rally are founders of a group, the Freedom Angels Foundation, which is best known in California for its opposition to state efforts to mandate vaccinations. And the protest was the latest example of the overlapping interests that have connected a range of groups — including Tea Party activists and armed militia groups — to oppose the measures that governors have taken to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Activists known for their opposition to vaccines have also been involved in protests in New York, Colorado and Texas, where they have found a welcome audience for their arguments for personal freedom and their suspicion of government. But their growing presence at the protests worries public health experts who fear that their messaging could harm the United States’ ability to turn a corner following the pandemic if Americans do not accept a future vaccine.

(Sources: Left Coast Right Watch/Twitter, The New York Times, The New York Times)

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