Anti-Abortion Group Harasses Sanitation Worker Outside Planned Parenthood

Members of the anti-abortion group Pro-Life San Francisco filmed themselves harassing a sanitation worker picking up from a Planned Parenthood clinic:

You are taking innocent babies — innocent human beings — and putting them in trash bins.

You don’t have to work here.

The Friendly Atheist explains the background of the anti-abortion group:

Pro-Life San Francisco, is led by Terrisa Bukovinac, an atheist whose arguments for opposing abortion (surprise!) aren’t very convincing.

She has also supported David Daleiden, the man best known for releasing heavily edited and misleading videos suggesting Planned Parenthood sells fetal tissue and organs. (They don’t do that.) Bukovinac’s group has also praised Father Frank Pavone, who believes abortion is “no less violent than terrorism.”

Because women having the right to control their own bodies is like 9/11 times infinity.

(Sources: prolifesf/Instagram, Friendly Atheist)

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