Anti-Abortion Activist Lila Rose: Stop Promoting Contraception

Anti-abortion activist Lila Rose told the radio show “A Closer Look with Sheila Liaugminas” on Aug. 4 that we need to stop “promoting abortion and contraception.”

Rose also called for criminalizing doctors who perform legal abortions and for closing down medical clinics that provide abortions, notes Right Wing Watch:

The bottom line, the lesson here is, we have to get rid of the entire industry. We have to block it. We can’t allow abortion facilities in our communities. They need to be shut down, we need to criminalize those doctors—as they claim to be—and have them return to real medicine and stop abortion as a practice.

We need to solve the challenges women face by promoting other options and supporting the pregnancy care movement and those that are helping young moms and young families.

We need to shift our attention in politics away from promoting abortion and contraception, you know, hormonal drugs, that are injected into a woman’s body or taken by women and instead shift the conversation to things that are actually good for women and children and families, real, authentic healthcare.

(Source: Right Wing Watch, Photo Credit: Pro-Life Unity/Flickr)

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