Anti-Abortion Activist Claims Singing Christmas Carols Stops Abortions

Eric J. Scheidler, executive director of the anti-abortion Pro-Life Action League, claims that singing of Christmas carols prevents abortions.

The Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League has been organizing caroling events outside women’s health clinics since 2003. 


Scheidler told The Christian Post that “Mary and Joseph are just the sort of couple that Planned Parenthood would target for abortion.”

As a matter of record, Planned Parenthood does not “target” anyone for abortion. Women are allowed to choose the medical procedure per the U.S. Supreme Court.

Scheidler claimed his activists sing for the fetuses and have stopped nine abortions with their tunes:

But we’re not just there to reach out to these mothers with the Christmas message, or make a statement about Christmas for the general public. We’re also there for the children who will be aborted. We’re there to sing for them too.

Last year, we know of nine babies who were saved because pro-lifers were there singing carols when their mothers came for their abortion appointments. Already this year, three babies were saved during the “Peace in the Womb” caroling in Washington D.C.

When you come out to an abortion facility to sing Christmas carols, you come face to face with the wounds of our society — and in our hearts — that Christ was born to heal. I hope that all our carolers come away with a more profound sense of how much the world needs Christ — why Christmas really matters.

(Source: The Christian Post, Photo Credit: Pro-Life Action League)

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