Anthony Scaramucci Says Trump Cabinet Officials Are Preparing To Turn On Trump

Former Trump administration official Anthony Scaramucci told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that some current administration officials will soon turn on Trump and his 2020 re-election:

One person said, well, if he goes down in the polls or is politically wounded a little bit, I’ll feel more comfortable coming out. The truth of the matter is, if you come out and say the truth, that will start the process...

It’s very tough for most people, I understand that.It’s a process for people because it’s sort of, like, a loyalty trap. You’re a Republican, you want to serve the president, you love the country.

You know the president’s unstable, so you’re telling reporters, “I’m here because it would be worse if I wasn’t here.”

It’s sort of that sort of rhetoric going on inside the White House, inside the cabinet and up on Capitol Hill. They’re saying well, “I don’t want to necessarily get primaried further to the right.”

What we saw over the week is the balloon is coming out of the president’s bombast. The balloon is coming out of his rhetoric.

Trump responded on Twitter by claiming he barely knew Scaramucci when he named his director of communications, notes Raw Story:

Anthony Scaramucci is a highly unstable ‘nut job’ who was with other candidates in the primary who got shellaced (sic), and then unfortunately wheedled his way into my campaign. I barely knew him until his 11 days of gross incompetence-made a fool of himself, bad on TV.

[Scaramucci] said his wife was driving him crazy, ‘something big’ was happening with her. Getting divorced. He was a mental wreck. We didn’t want him around. Now Fake News puts him on like he was my buddy!

(Sources: CNN via YouTube, Raw Story)

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