Angry White Pennsylvania Trooper Accuses Compliant Black Driver Of ‘Attitude’

An angry white Pennsylvania State Highway patrolman was filmed accusing a compliant black driver of  “attitude.”

In a video of the incident posted on Facebook by the driver, Ed Edge, on Oct. 5, Patrolman Watkins pulls Edge over for allegedly tailgating, and tells Edge to show him his license, registration and insurance.

Edge politely tells Watkins several times that the insurance “might be a hard one” because he rented the car from an “online company.”

Watkins soon loses his cool:

So, why are you giving me an attitude? Listen to me. You’re being recorded from back in my car, there’s a mic right here. I have full discretion as to what goes on out here, okay.

Do you think giving me an attitude, looking at me, eyeballing me is gonna go good for ya, when I have discretion out here on what happens. Probably not! Okay, so a little politeness with me goes a long way.

Edge recalled the incident on Facebook: 

Everything I did was slow and deliberate. I didn’t want to talk over him so I paused before I spoke. He was threatening and intimidating me and I had to work to keep my composure calm. I was looking him in the face because if I hadn’t, that would have been “disrespectful” or “suspicious.” I’m not sure how else I could have been less of a threat to him.

Edge said the Pennsylvania State Highway Patrol later called him and apologized for the trooper:

PA State Police called (after the video got 2+ million views) and admitted fault and apologized. They said they corrected the issue by telling the trooper “that’s not how you treat people”. Guess that makes it all better -__-

(Source: Ed Edge/Facebook)

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  1. The department is called Pennsylvania State Police. Their officers are called Troopers. While I am glad you posted this, it appears you did nothing besides read the citizen’s Facebook page without doing any research or speaking to anyone involved, like the individual or the police. I hope a real journalist covers this story at some point.


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