Angry White Man Goes On Racist Rant At Latino After Possible Fender Bender

An angry white man went on a racist rant against a Latino driver after a possible fender bender in a shopping center parking lot in North Fresno, California, on June 25.

Nicole Gonzalez told KMPH that her dad was preparing to unload a shipment in front of a Barnes and Noble store when the angry driver got out of his truck and started cursing.

Gonzalez’s father began filming the angry man who continued his racist rant:

I ought to ship your f*cking ass back home where ever you’re from. You’re a f*cking beaner, motherf*cker… stupid f*cking Mexican.

Gonzalez said: “Even if an accident did occur that doesn’t give him the right to talk to someone like that.”

(Source: KMPH)

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