Angry Voters Yell At Mitch McConnell After He Promises To Take Away Health Care

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who recently announced he wanted to repeal Obamacare (health care coverage for 20 million Americans) after midterms, was confronted by voters at the Havana Rumba restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, on Oct. 19.

One voter screamed at McConnell (who enjoys government health care): “Why don’t you get out of here? Why don’t you leave the entire country?”

A woman, who filmed the incident, told TMZ that “the main aggressor slammed his fists down on McConnell’s table, grabbed his doggie bag and threw the food out the door of the restaurant.”

The woman added that there was “some dispute” over the bill before McConnell and his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, left the restaurant.

(Sources: TMZ, The Hill)

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