Angry Science-Denying Trump Voters Disrupt Utah Meeting On Face Masks In Schools, Meeting is Canceled

A meeting of the Utah County commission had to be called off after angry Trump voters disrupted it on July 15 in Provo, Utah. The meeting was supposed to vote on whether or not to ask the governor’s office for a partial exemption on the mask requirement for students and teachers, reports KSTU.

The science deniers threatened to pull their kids out of schools if the state’s mask requirement for K-12 continues. The mandate is in place because COVID-19 cases have soared past 30,000, notes the Salt Lake Tribune.

The Washington Post reports that attendees wore Trump 2020 hats and hoisting small American flags while refusing to obey the social distancing rules put in place.

Tanner Ainge, the commission’s chair, was booed by the angry crowd after he said they needed to wear COVID-19 safety masks:

This is the exact opposite of what we need to be doing. We are supposed to be physically distancing, wearing masks.

Ainge and Nathan Ivie, of the all-Republican council, said the meeting would have to be canceled just moments after it started.

After Ainge stepped outside the building, he told reporters and protesters to that the commission cannot stop the mask requirement for students because it is a issued by the state and the local school district.

Ainge tweeted that fellow commissioner Bill Ivey, who opposes mandatory life-saving masks, was behind the science-denying crowd.

(Sources: The Salt Lake Tribune, The Washington Post, KSTU/YouTube, Connor Richards/Twitter, Tanner Ainge/Twitter)

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