Angry Shoppers Fight Over Black Friday Deals

One of the most precious Americans holiday traditions has returned: shoppers fighting each other for Black Friday deals (more videos below).

Police in Hoover, Alabama, had to be called to the Riverchase Galleria when fights broke out, tweeted WBRCS news anchor Clare Huddleston.

According to the Alabama Media Group,  paramedics also had to be called to the mall, which was shut down for 40 minutes. 

In another incident, two men fought over a toy car inside an unidentified store in a YouTube video (below) posted by newsstar 2018.

People were trampled inside an unidentified store when the doors were opened for Black Friday in a video (below) posted on Twitter by user Craig + his DM’s = quick maths‏.

(Sources: Clare Huddleston/Twitter, Alabama Media Groupnewsstar 2018/YouTube, Craig + his DM’s = quick maths‏/Twitter)

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