Angry Middle-Aged White Guy Threatens People For Handing Out Free Masks in Huntington Beach, California: ‘F*ck You’

An angry unidentified middle-aged white man threatened Chad Kroeger and JT Parr because they were giving out free COVID-19 masks in pro-Republican Huntington Beach, California.

Kroeger told KCBS: “It is interesting how people interpreted it as a personal judgment.”

The science-challenged white guy rode past the young men, and shouted, “F*ck you!”

He then got off his bike, dropped F-bombs and threatened them with a fight as he stood defiantly with his man-boobs:

You’re not making my f*cking rights and not my rights… I don’t give a f*ck what you’re trying to do. You believe in a mask. I don’t.. F*cking leave it alone, or you want some of me? Come on and get this!

They responded: “We’re not trying to fight anyone. We just want to hand out masks.”

(Sources: J Rish/Twitter, KCBS)

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