Angry Man Tells Latina Employee At Jack In The Box: ‘Buy You A Ticket Back To Mexico’

An angry white male customer berated a Latina woman working at a Jack in the Box in Houston on May 26.

The irate customer demanded a free hamburger based on a coupon, notes KTKR:

She told my son “No!” She lied her ass off! You know, she’s not going to get away with it!

A male employee and the Latina employee tried to calm the man down, but he continued his rant:

Hey, you are going to get fired. What’s your name?

After the woman told him her name was “Maria,” the man insulted her again and stormed out:

Goodbye Maria! Buy you a ticket back to Mexico!

Another customer, Lupita Rangel, filmed the incident and posted a comment on Facebook:

Omg ! Never thought I’d experience Racism so close…

(Sources: Lupita Rangel/Facebook, KTRK)

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