Angry Houston Astros Fan Takes Yasiel Puig’s Home Run Ball From Woman Who Caught It

An angry Houston Astros fan grabbed Yasiel Puig’s ninth-inning home run ball away from a woman who caught it in Game 5 of the World Series on Oct. 29.

The angry fan tossed the ball onto the field.

The woman who caught the ball, Sarah Head, told Yahoo Sports:  “I would have liked the opportunity to throw it back myself.”

The angry fan who grabbed it from the young woman was her brother-in-law, Kirk Head.

Kirk issued this classy comment to Yahoo Sports: “[Expletive] the Dodgers.”

Kirk was slammed on social media for his actions, but claimed: “We hugged and made up afterward.”

Kirk didn’t explain his angry behavior.

(Source: Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports via YouTube)

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