Angry Gun Owners Curse, Threaten Minnesota Democrat Over Bill To Ban Assault Weapons

Democratic state Rep. Linda Slocum has received threats because she has proposed a new gun safety law in Minnesota, which includes banning assault weapons.

Slocum told KMSP that she has received emails with curse words, comparisons to Hitler, sexual insults and a death threat, which includes a male voicemail:

I have my gun and I’m ready to come and get you and it was very threatening.

Slocum contacted the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office who is now investigating the threat:

I will file charges if I hear from him again.

Slocum’s bill bans assault weapons, requires registering ammunition and prohibits people behind on paying child support from buying guns.

Slocum told the news station:

I am way open to conversations, concerns, but I’m way not open to uncivility, to the rudeness and the death threats. How many times do we have to see kids die? How many times do we have to see kids scared out of their minds?

Adrian Benjamin, legislative assistant to Slocum, told the Pioneer Press that he called Capitol security about the death threat phone call from a man.

Capitol security contacted the Minnesota State Patrol.

The trooper wrote in his report: “When Mr. Benjamin answered the call he hadn’t gotten the phone to his ear but thought he heard (the caller) say that he had a gun and that he (Benjamin) should hide.”

The trooper called the man who told the trooper that his conversation was “taken out of context,” and denied making the threat. The man was not charged.

(Source: KMSP, Pioneer Press)

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