Angry Deli Customer Attacks Worker Over Bacon Egg And Cheese Sandwich: Report

An angry deli customer allegedly attacked a worker when he was told his wait time for a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich was at least five minutes in New York City on Nov. 25.

The customer was filmed by deli workers throwing a tantrum:

Make my cinnamon raisin toasted bagel with bacon, egg and cheese RIGHT NOW. Right f*cking now! Make my sh*t right now!

The worker, Sanjay Patel, told WNBC how the customer started throwing merchandise at him:

He just kept throwing stuff at my head [including a bag of bread, a computer tablet, a metal stand lying on the counter and a hand basket].

Patel said the customer still gives him nightmares:

When I sleep, nighttime, I still dream it, because he told me, too, “I’m going to shoot you.” He told me he gonna shoot me.

Patel said the man hopped into a car with two other men after he called police.

(Source: WNBC)

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