American Health Care Industry Is Fighting To Stop Health Care For All Americans

The U.S. health care industry is fighting “Medicare Care for All,” a plan that would give all Americans medical coverage, ease suffering and fight the spread of disease.

Leading drug industry, health insurance, and hospital lobbyists formed a new company — Partnership for America’s Health Care Future — to “change the conversation around Medicare for All” and to “minimize the potential for this option in health care from becoming part of a national political party’s platform in 2020,” according to The Intercept.

Despite this corporate effort to keep all Americans from health care, “there is now a Medicare for All Caucus, co-chaired by Congressmember Pramila Jayapal, which advocates say is a sign of lawmakers’ increasing interest in the issue,” notes Democracy Now.

Kelly Coogan-Gear, the Assistant Director of Public and Community Advocacy at National Nurses United, explained how “Medicare for All” would cover all Americans:

Medicare for All is guaranteed healthcare for all Americans. It’s portable. It’s free at the point of delivery. It also essentially brings a multi-payer system into a single payer.

So you have the insurance industries, you have the government, you have individuals and families, and that would in a single-payer system all be brought together and therefore be much more sort of administratively efficient than our multi-payer system is now.

Several studies have come out from conservative think tanks, from liberal think tanks. All of them confirm that a Medicare for All system, a single-payer system—it’s the same thing—would save Americans substantial amounts of money.

I think what we’re seeing is, for decades, people have known that Medicare for All would guarantee healthcare for everybody. I think unions and working people understand that de-linking healthcare from employment status will increase the industrial power of working people.

But I think what’s happening now is actually really unique, and that is that we are in an era of protofascism.

And I think Americans at an intuitive level understand that given that right now healthcare spending is 18 percent of our gross domestic product—by 2026, it will be over 20 percent of our gross domestic product—by fighting for Medicare for All, the American people understand that they are taking back a fifth of their economy and that they are bringing it back into public accountability. They are bringing it back essentially to the people.

(Source: The InterceptDemocracy Now


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