American Family Association: Girls Joining The Boy Scouts Is Satanic

American Family Association president Tim Wildmon and executive vice president Ed Vitaglino claimed on April 24 that the Boy Scout’s policy of allowing girls to join is satanic.

Wildmon and Vitaglino were upset by an Associate Press report that 3,000 girls have joined the Boy Scouts in 2018, notes Right Wing Watch.

Vitaglino blamed evolution for the Boy Scouts’ decision, and falsely claimed that evolution teaches there is no difference between boys and girls: 

This is, I think, a part of the ongoing war against the Judeo-Christian worldview, the way God has established mankind, male and female… The secular progressive, the materialistic worldview based in evolution says there’s really no difference between boys and girls… This part of a broader war against God and His divine order.

Wildmon asked Vitaglino: “So, you think this is basically satanic?”

Vitaglino affirmed Wildmon’s claim:

Yes. This is Romans 1. When any individual or community or nation, any culture, ignores God or refuses to honor Him and give Him the glory He deserves, then the Bible makes clear in Romans 1 that they are then given over to a deepening darkness and depravity and, unfortunately, that’s what we’re seeing happen in America.

(Source: Right Wing Watch, The Associated Press via WTHR)

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