Amazon Pays Employees To Tweet Positive About Warehouse Jobs After Horror Stories Of Workers Peeing In Bottles

Amazon is paying “FC Ambassadors,” employees who have worked in the order-fulfillment warehouses, to tweet about how wonderful warehouse work is (below).

This public relations ploy contradicts the numerous horror stories of Amazon employees having to urinate in bottles because using a restroom would cause them to miss performance targets.

TechCrunch noted the 15 paid Twitter accounts, which originally claimed they were not being paid by Amazon, all had the Amazon smile logo as backgrounds and identical structures to their bios:

An Amazon representative told Business Insider that the Twitter users were being paid to educate people, but Amazon failed to explain why people need to be educated about Amazon:

FC ambassadors are employees who have experience working in our fulfillment centers. The most important thing is that they’ve been here long enough to honestly share the facts based on personal experience.

It’s important that we do a good job of educating people about the actual environment inside our fulfillment centers, and the FC ambassador program is a big part of that along with the fulfillment-center tours we provide.

(Sources: TechCrunch, Business Insider)

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