Amazon Accused Of Price Gouging Water For Hurricane Florence

Amazon is being criticized for inflated prices of bottled water as North and South Carolina prepare for Hurricane Florence to make landfall.

Grocery and warehouse stores sold out of cases of water, so some residents tried buying water on Amazon only to find water cases that cost over $20 for a few dozen bottles or $80 shipping, notes Business Insider.

An Amazon spokesperson told Business Insider that it has taken action against some of the sellers:

We do not engage in surge pricing, and product prices do not fluctuate by region or delivery location.

We have selling policies that all sellers agree to before selling on Amazon, and we’re actively monitoring our store and removing offers of products that violate our policies and harm our customer experience.

If customers think an offer has substantially increased in price or shipping cost, we encourage them to contact Amazon customer service directly and work with us so we can investigate and take the appropriate action.

(Source: Business Insider, Photo Credit: Amazon)

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