All-White Fox News Hosts Outraged Over Super Bowl Kneeling That Hasn’t Happened Yet

The white co-hosts of “Outnumbered” on Fox News expressed their outrage over the possibility that some black NFL players may kneel during the National Anthem at the Super Bowl to protest police brutality.

Super Bowl LII will not be played until February, but the white co-hosts were angry that NBC Sports said it would cover the kneeling as part of the broadcast.

Co-host Katie Pavlich asked her co-hosts: “Didn’t half of their viewers just turn off the dial for the Super Bowl weekend?”

Guest co-host Dan Bongino was outraged that the African-American players would peacefully protest police brutality, which he pretended was against fallen U.S. troops:

I want them to tell the people, “Get off your damn knees and stand up for the American anthem that people died for in this country!”

“Go out there and do it on your own time. These are our fields, this is our brand, you are going to stand and put your hand on your heart or that million dollar salary is getting flushed down the toilet bowl.”

Co-host Melissa Francis told Super Bowl viewers to record the game so that they could fast forward past the peaceful protests against police brutality:

I don’t [fast forward] the whole thing like that, just the start.

Bongino called the peaceful protests by black players against police brutality a “problem” that needed to be fixed:

If they don’t fix this problem, I can almost guarantee you in four or five years that the NFL is going to be the field hockey or modern sports. I was a Raiders and Ravens fan, and I’m telling you, it destroyed my soul when I watched the Super Bowl last year. NFL and me, we are absolutely completely divorced.

Francis advised Bongino: “Just watch on delay,” while Pavlich added: “You can fast forward through the kneeling.”

(Source: Fox News via YouTube)

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