Alex Jones Threatens To Censor Sandy Hook Parents With Cease And Desist Letters

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones demanded that Sandy Hook parents stop talking about his conspiracy theories which claim their children were not killed in the worst mass shooting at a school in U.S. history.

Some parents have responded to Jones by suing him for his false claims.

Jones — who has been banned from YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms because of hate speech violations — posted a video on Twitter om Aug. 12 in which he played the victim and threatened the Sandy Hook parents with a cease and desist letter, notes Media Matters:

So I’m asking the families: In the memory of your children and the memory of the truth — you say it’s super hurtful to hear these things, I agree.

So I’m saying how do you continue to say that and say I said it if it’s so hurtful? I’m asking you to quit in my voice saying your children didn’t die.

I’m asking in my voice and my name to quit saying I’m sending people to your house. I’m asking you through my name, like [late-night talk show host] Conan O’Brien with a cut-out of somebody saying things, to stop saying that I’m doing this because I’m not.

I’ve apologized, I’ve done it all. So, at a certain point, do cease and desist letters have to go out? With a letter and videos and everything so it’s on record?

…Because see, I’m the one under assault. I’m the one being misrepresented. I’m the one that people are speaking through my voice, holding a picture of me up, and then saying I’m saying these things and all I’m saying is metaphysically I didn’t create this,

I didn’t start this, so I can’t give you quarter. But I’ve tried to give the whole thing quarter and have been your biggest ally for years in saying, “No, I think it happened.”

And if I’m so dangerous and so bad and so many people listen to me, so many dangerous people, then please don’t say that I’m saying your children didn’t die or that mass shootings don’t happen or that Parkland didn’t happen or any of this because you know that’s not what I’ve said, lawyers.

And you know I didn’t sue the families. And you know I waived attorney’s fees that no one has ever done. But, see, just like [special counsel Robert] Mueller does these fake indictments, that’s the proof of collusion, it’s the same thing. File a suit, say the things in the suit, and then say that all of it’s true.

(Sources: Media Matters, Media Matters, Media Matters)

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