Alex Jones’ Lawyer Wants To Make Addresses Of Sandy Hook Parents Public

Mark Enoch, a lawyer for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, reportedly wants to make public the addresses of some of the parents whose children were killed in the 2014 Sandy Hook massacre.

Some of the parents are suing Jones for his role in conspiracy theories about the mass shooting.

Enoch claimed in court that the declarations by the Sandy Hook parents should be thrown out because they do not include their home addresses or dates of birth, per Texas law, notes HuffPost.

Lawyer Mark Bankston, who represents two Sandy Hook parents,  said that personal information has been used by Jones’ website to harass the parents in the past:

There are obvious reasons why these Plaintiffs are extraordinarily hesitant about filing public documents containing their personal information, such as their address or date of birth, and they will not publish that information absent a legal obligation to do so.

Information such as date of birth, addresses, etc., have been used in the past by InfoWars followers to locate and harass the Plaintiffs.

Bankston told HuffPost: “They’re using an old, outdated law to intimidate these people and it’s just sick.”

Leonard Pozner, who lost a 6-year-old son in the mass shooting,  told the court that he has been harassed because of Jones’ conspiracy theories:

Due to Mr. Jones’ broadcast, I have also suffered severe emotional distress and trauma which I cannot even begin to adequately describe. No human being should ever be asked to suffer through the torment Mr. Jones carried out.

(Source: HuffPost, Photo Credit: InfoWars,com)


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