Alex Jones Claims Texas Church Shooting Was ‘Staged’ To Embarrass Trump

Conspiracy thoerist Alex Jones claimed on Nov. 9 that the mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, that killed 26 people on Nov. 5 was staged to embarrass President Donald Trump..

Jones has previously claimed that the media gave gunman Devin Patrick Kelley “permission” to kill, that anti-fascists were responsible, and that Kelley was under “mind control” from the “deep state,” notes Right Wing Watch.

Jones shared his latest crackpot theory with Shepard Ambellas, of the conspiracy theory site Intellihub:

There’s a civil war going on the embarrass Trump. I mean, no doubt this is staged. And the media is going to spin it and say I said it didn’t happen. That’s not what I said. They let him out of that mental institution when he was planning to kill his command chain. They let him go. They knew.

Ambellas agreed and added: “They let it all fall through the cracks and then they use it to their advantages.”

(Source: Right Wing Watch)

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