Alex Jones Cites Jesus, Molests Flag In Wild Rant About His Links To Russia

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones went on a wild rant after being asked about his links to Russian news sources at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

Jones was asked about his InfoWars website using Russian news content and his appearances on Russian news sources — Russia TV, Russia Today, the Voice of Russia.

Jones said that he has appeared on many news outlets that he doesn’t agree with, and claimed that he used Russian news sources that agree with his alleged contacts in the U.S. government.

To prove his patriotism, Jones went on an unhinged rant and fondled an American Flag:

It’s what I say Listen! Christ said you judge a tree by its fruits! I’m Americana, I’m free markets, I’m red-blooded, fire-breathing, ’57 Chevy, Marilyn Monroe — give it to me!

(Source: InfoWars via YouTube)


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