Alec Baldwin Says He Could Beat Trump In 2020, Melania Loves His Trump Impression

Alec Baldwin told radio host Howard Stern that he could defeat President Donald Trump in a presidential match-up in 2020, and has been told that First Lady Melania Trump loves his impression of the president.

If I ran I would win, I would absolutely win. I would 1000 per cent win… It’d be the funniest, most exciting, most crazy campaign…

Somebody great is going to come up, I hope. I’d love to run for that kind of position to just have things be very common sense. There are so many things that this country needs to do that are so obvious.

Later during the interview, Baldwin claimed Melania Trump loves his impression of her husband, per “two very powerful people in Washington”:

I’m told she loves it. More than one person, now a second person has come to us and said, yeah, it’s true. She watched SNL. She watched it online and she laughed and she said “That’s him. That’s him!” She must know what a maniac he is and what a weird guy he is.

(Source: The Howard Stern Show/YouTube)

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