Alaska Republican Claims Health-Screening Stickers Are Like What Nazis Did to Jews, Then He Defends Hitler

Alaska State Rep. Ben Carpenter sent out an email on May 15 in which he compared health-screening stickers — that lawmakers are supposed to wear in the Alaska Capitol — to yellow stars, which the Nazis forced Jews to wear, notes the Washington Post:

If my sticker falls off, do I get a new one or do I get public shaming too? Are the stickers available as a yellow Star of David?

The Alaska Landmine published a response to Carpenter from a Jewish representative:

Ben, this is disgusting. I don’t think a tag that we’re cleared to enter the building is akin to being shipped to a concentration camp.

Carpenter followed up by telling the Anchorage Daily News that Adolf Hitler was not a white supremacist, but was driven to commit atrocities by the “Jewish nation”:

Can you or I — can we even say it is totally out of the realm of possibility that covid-19 patients will be rounded up and taken somewhere?

People want to say Hitler was a white supremacist. No. He was fearful of the Jewish nation, and that drove him into some unfathomable atrocities.

(Sources: The Washington Post, Alaska Landmine, Anchorage Daily News)

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