Alabama Voter: Roy Moore ‘Stands By His Christian Principles,’ Child Molestation Allegations Are ’40 Years Ago’

A GOP Alabama voter says that Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Roy Moore “stands by his Christian principles,” and that accusations of him molesting  underage girls are “almost 40 years ago.”

The self-described “pro-life” voter, Charlotte, explained to MSNBC how Moore’s opposition to legal abortion trumped child molesting allegations:

I have to believe that most of it is a lie. There could be some truth, but Roy Moore has denied all of it. I would like for him to speak more about it and tell us. If he’s guilty of some of what he’s alleged he’s done, then certainly he was wrong and it should never have happened. However, he still denies it.

And it was almost 40 years ago. Now, I do believe people change. And I have to believe, the last 40 years, I’ve followed his career and I do believe that he’s been good in many ways.

He hasn’t been the leader of this state that a lot of people want, but I think he stands by his Christian principles. If he’s guilty, God will judge him.

(Source: MSNBC via YouTube)

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