Alabama Republican Claims Ten Commandments In Schools Could Stop Mass Shootings

Republican Alabama state Sen. Gerald Dial claimed that the Ten Commandments on public property and in public schools could prevent mass shootings.

Dial wrote a bill that calls for a constitutional amendment that would require the posting of the Ten Commandments in an educational or historical manner that “complies with constitutional requirements.

Prior to the 23-3 vote for this establishment of religion, Dial made his bizarre claim, notes the Alabama Political Reporter:

I believe that if you had the Ten Commandments posted in a prominent place in school, it has the possibility to prohibit some student from taking action to kill other students.

If this bill stops one school shooting in Alabama, just one, then it’s worth the time and effort we’re putting into it.

Dial provided no proof of his claim.



Dial’s bill now goes to the Alabama House of Representatives.

(Source: Alabama Political Reporter, Photo Credit: The Alabama Legislature)

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