Alabama Public Schools Hold Christian Assemblies, Students Kneel

School assemblies involving Christian music and students kneeling in front of a Christian cross recently took place at the Nichol Lawson Middle School and Sylacauga High School in Alabama.

In a letter to Dr. Michael Todd Freeman, head of the Sylacauga City Schools, on Aug. 21, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) pointed out that the Christian rallies included “religious music, bible verses, and prayer,” and that a parent said “bibles were distributed to students as they entered the gym for the performance and that both the principal and vice principal were present for this event,” notes the Friendly Atheist.

The FFRF explained why the school assemblies mixed with Christianity were a problem:

These proselytizing assemblies are not only a violation of student and parental rights, they needlessly subject the school district to significant legal liability…

Furthermore, It is unconstitutional for public school districts to permit outsiders to distribute bibles as part of the public school day. Courts have uniformly held that the distribution of bibles to students at public schools during instructional time is prohibited…

A memo and training for employees spelling out the obligations of public school employees to uphold 65 years of Supreme Court precedent barring devotions, proselytizing and religious instruction in public schools is in order.

(Source: Friendly Atheist)

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