Alabama Police Beat Woman Over Traffic Stop, Witnesses Are Shocked

Two police officers were filmed beating a woman over a traffic stop in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 18 while witnesses across the street watched in shock.

The cops threw Jhasmynn Alexiss Sheppard to the ground and began beating her with fists and a baton.

After Sheppard was beaten, she was charged with resisting arrest, assault and disarming law enforcement (she allegedly attempted to go for one of their weapons.)

A female witness, who filmed the beating and wants to remain anonymous because she fears the po;ice, described the brutal incident to WBRC:

She’s already on the ground. You have two male cops with a female. I feel like the baton and the punching should’ve never happened.

I don’t know what was said. She proceeded to grab for something and I guess she hit him in the private area.

It was several times I wish I could’ve gone outside and said,”Just do whatever they tell you do.”

When you get arrested or you get stopped by the police, do everything that they ask you to do. Do not try to fight them. Do not try to grab their guns. Do not try to do anything to them because it could’ve been a worse situation than what it was.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department said in a statement that it was investigating its officers:

The Tuscaloosa Police Department is aware of the video released on social media involving our officers during an arrest on Friday, April 19, 2019. We take this matter very seriously and have begun an investigation to determine the full details of the incident. We will release the findings once the investigation is complete.

(Source: WBRC)

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