Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Denies Being Gay: ‘Disgusting’

Republican Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama vehemently denied being gay to two local TV stations, WIAT and WTVM, and called the rumor a “disgusting lie.”

Democratic state Rep. Patricia Todd tweeted that she had “heard for years” that Ivey was gay and that Ivey should be outed.

Ivey fired back during an interview with WIAT:

It’s disgusting because they’re not telling the truth. I don’t have a clue [where this came from] but I do know that it’s a bold faced lie, and it’s disgusting.

Ivey succeeded Gov. Robert Bentley following his resignation in April 2017 over a months-long adultery scandal.

Ivey insisted that she was a Christian:

The issue here is not about your personal life but telling the truth. I’m a candidate for governor,

I’m a born again Christian, I believe that marriage is made of God between a man and a woman, and I live my life according to those values.

Ivey’s opponent, evangelist Scott Dawson, said Ivey “betrayed Alabama values” by allowing LGBT groups to receive over $800,000 in ADECA funding.

Ivey said the funding was established before she took office, and was not taxpayer money.

(Sources: WIAT, WTVM/YouTube)

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