Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Defends Monuments That Honor Pro-Slavery Confederacy

Republican Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama defended Confederate monuments that honor the pro-slavery forces during the Civil War in a new campaign ad.

Ivey doubled down on her defense of the Confederacy that sought to enslave blacks during a campaign appearance in Foley, Alabama, notes The Birmingham Herald.

Ivey said Alabama doesn’t need “folks in Washington” or “out-of-state liberals” telling Alabama what to do with it’s Confederate monuments, which honor pro-slavery generals.

Ivey bragged about signing the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2017, which protect the monuments (to racists) by requiring local governments to obtain state permission before altering or renaming historically significant buildings and monuments that are 40 years or longer:

I believe the people agreed with that decision and support in protecting our historical monuments. We can’t and shouldn’t even try to charge or erase or tear down our history. We must learn from our history.

(Sources: Birmingham Herald, Team Ivey/YouTube)

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