Alabama Bikers Hold Rally To Support Violent Police Arrest Of Black Woman At Waffle House

A group of about 150 bikers, mostly white, held a rally on June 3 to express their support of a violent police arrest of a black woman, Chikesia Clemons, on April 19 at a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama.

Cellphone video showed Clemons’ breast being exposed during the arrest in which an officer threatened to break her arm inside the Waffle House.

The incident began when Clemons objected to a 50-cent fee for plastic utensils. Police claimed that Clemons and a friend threatened Waffle House employees and refused to leave, which is disputed by Clemons’ lawyer.

Kenda Fenton-Todd was not present during the incident, but she sided with the police and invited bikers to show their support.

Fenton-Todd parroted the unsupported police claims to WALA:

With all the controversy a due to the recent arrest of by the young lady, it was just necessary to show these people that we support them.

You can’t just walk into an establishment and be belligerent and threatening and hostile and not suffer the outcome of getting arrested. We just felt that it was necessary to show these guys that we back them.

You either obey the law and you comply or things happen. They did their job. they had to do their job that’s what they’re trained to do.

It was unfortunate that the young lady’s wardrobe had exposed herself. But under the circumstances, like I said, if you don’t comply with the law then you’re going to get manhandled whether you’re a woman or a man.

(Source: WALA, Photo Credit: Kenda Fenton-Todd)

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