After Wasting Millions Of Taxpayer Funds On Benghazi Conspiracy Theories, Rep. Darrell Issa To Retire

Republican Rep. Darrell Issa of California, who headed failed multimillion dollar investigations on Benghazi and Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories, has decided to retire later this year.

Clinton won Issa’s district by 7 percentage points in 2016, notes CNBC.

After waisting millions in taxpayer money in numerous failed committee investigations, Issa was never able to find Clinton guilty of any wrongdoing.

Issa is the second California Republican waving the white flag of surrender;  Republican Rep. Ed Royce has also announced he will not run for re-elecrtion.

Issa failed to mention any of these facts in a parting statement.

Billionaire Democratic activist Tom Steyer told CNBC that Issa’s retirement “shows that the Republican effort is losing some of its critical members.”

Steyer has launched a $30 million effort to help Democrats take back the Senate and House,  including Issa’s seat.

Republicans hold a 239 to 193 seat advantage in the House. Three seats are empty after member resignations.

Issa, one of the wealthiest members of Congress, has voted against health care for Americans and for huge tax breaks for the rich.

(Source: CNBC, Photo Credit: Center for Data Innovation/Flickr)

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