Actress Says God Spared Her Home From Wildfire As Part Of ‘Revival’

Actress Brenda Epperson, who used to be on “The Young and The Restless,” told CBN that God spared her California home  from the recent wildfire because she prayed accordingly with Psalm 91.

Epperson also claimed that God is using the deadly tragedy that has claimed 77 lives as part of a religious “revival”:

The good that’s going to come out of it is I believe that revival, that God is going to wake us all up. I know my life is changed and I just want to share the love of God even more with everybody.

Epperson and her family are reportedly driving people to their homes, and providing food and supplies.

The Friendly Atheist notes Epperson is not the only one who prayed for their home to be spared:

While Epperson deserves credit for using her good fortune to help others, that doesn’t make her sentiment any less hurtful to those who lost their homes.

What makes Epperson’s home more special than anyone else’s? Surely she wasn’t the only one who prayed for protection.

(Sources: CBN, CBS News, Friendly Atheist, Brenda Epperson/Facebook)

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