Actor James Woods and Republican Charlie Kirk Spread Lie That Bernie Sanders Would Tax Anyone Making Above $29,000 a Year at 52%

Actor James Woods and Republican activist Charlie Kirk spread a lie on Twitter (BELOW) that Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would tax anyone making over $29,000 at a massive 52% rate (to pay for his “Medicare for All” plan).

The fact-checking website Snopes debunked the claim:

The general claim here — that Sanders’ health care plan would raise the tax rate to 52% on everyone making over $29,000 per year — is egregiously false

One proposal offered by Sanders would raise the tax rate to 52% on earnings over $10 million. Sanders also proposed that the first $29,000 of a person’s income would be exempt from taxes, and a 4% income-based premium would be applied to earnings over $29,000. also debunked the lie spread by Woods and Kirk:

A viral post on social media falsely claims that presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders recently proposed a 52% tax rate for those making $29,000 annually…

But Sanders didn’t call for a 52% income tax rate for those making $29,000 at the debate, the transcript shows, or elsewhere that we could find...

All. In one document posted by Sanders, he suggested a potential marginal tax rate of 52% on income above $10 million — meaning taxable income earned after the first $10 million would be taxed at that rate...

As for the $29,000 figure, the same financing proposal calls for a potential “4 percent income-based premium paid by employees, exempting the first $29,000 in income for a family of four.” Under a Medicare for All system, health care costs currently paid by individuals, employers, private insurers, and state and local governments would shift to the federal government.

(Sources: Snopes,, Charlie Kirk/Twitter, James Woods/Twitter, Photo Credit: X17onlineVideo/YouTube)

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