‘Activist Mommy’ Upset Over Facebook Page That Parodies Her

Elizabeth Johnston, who operates “The Activist Mommy” Facebook page, is upset over another Facebook page that parodies her.

The parody page was originally called “I will find Activist Mommy and burn whoever runs it alive.”

Johnston flagged the parody, but got a message from Facebook that it did not violate Facebook rules:

We looked over the group you reported, and though it doesn’t go against one of our specific community standards, we understand that the group or something shared in may still be offensive to you and others.

Johnston, who self-identifies as a Christian, told The Christian Post that the parody page had caused threats against her:

With a death threat, you never know 100 percent if someone is going to follow through on their threat. But it is the job of Facebook to take all targeted death threats seriously. That is their job.

For them to say that because now that the page has edited itself to claim that it is satire that they are not going to take the death threats seriously, just shows that we are all defenseless on Facebook’s platform, especially public figures.

That is the thing that is even more dangerous about this is that it is a private group that is inciting violence against me. So I can’t be there to see what it is.

It is not like a public page where what they say about me I can see it. But I can’t see what is going on inside of here. Last week, I got two very targeted death threat emails. I don’t get those on a weekly basis. I get very hateful mail but I don’t I get threats of, “I know where you live.” Last week, I got two that were so frightening that I called the police and I filed a report.”

Facebook told The Christian Post that the parody page was “satirical” and did not violate Facebook standards.

The parody page is now renamed “May God make the Activist Mommy Spontaneously Combust” and states:

If you don’t answer the questions you will be automatically declined. Satire people, satire. This is a Tagging group for activist mommy bullsh*t and for posting things to look at in horror and make fun of. Not a leftbook group, but it leans heavily to the left.

If someone asks for a CW, don’t be an assh*le and add it. It takes like two seconds. Seriously. But you aren’t going to be kicked out for liking the wrong thing or reacting wrong to a post or comment. I am not that strict.

And no transphobia/homophobia/racism/sexism any other ism. Don’t sink to activist mommy level. Be above that. Don’t be an assh*le.

(Sources: May God make the Activist Mommy Spontaneously Combust/Facebook, The Activist Mommy/Facebook, The Christian Post)

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