Focus on the Family Recommends Debunked Drudge Report for Reliable News

Tom Minnery, head of CitizenLink the right wing political arm of Focus on the Family, recently recommended the often-debunked Drudge Rport along with the extreme right wing web site and right wing commentators Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt for dependable sources of news. has noted numerous times when the Drudge Report has run false and misleading headlines. noted the Drudge Report often links to stories on conspiracy websites.

Minnery also recommended, which is managed by Editor-in-Chief Erick Erickson, who has a long history of inflammatory claims, notes and

“My facts are not The Washington Post’s facts… Moral principles determine truth, through that screen we judge everything we read and everything we read by way of news,” proudly proclaimed Minnery.

However, scientific facts and historical events do not depend on one personal “moral principles,” but rather on concrete evidence. Moral principles can determine one’s behavior or actions, but not objective truth.

(Sources: CitizenLink, Focus on the Family,,,

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