Abby Johnson — Speaker at Trump’s RNC — Said Police Would Be ‘Smart’ to Racially Profile Her Adopted ‘Brown Son’

Anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson, who is scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention tonight, posted a YouTube video earlier this year in which she encouraged police officers to racially profile her biracial “brown son.”

Johnson recently pulled the video down, but it was copied and later reposted on Aug. 24 by Vice News:

Right now, Jude is an adorable, perpetually tan-looking little brown boy. But one day, he’s going to grow up and he’s going to be a tall, probably sort of large, intimidating-looking-maybe brown man.

Statistically, I look at our prison population and I see that there is a disproportionately high number of African-American males in our prison population for crimes, particularly for violent crimes.

So statistically, when a police officer sees a brown man like my Jude walking down the road… because of the statistics that he knows in his head, that these police officers know in their head, they’re going to know that statistically my brown son is more likely to commit a violent offense over my white sons…. [that] “makes that police officer smart, because of statistics.

(Sources: The Christian Post, Vice News)

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