97-Pound Woman Slips Out Of ‘Tightest’ Handcuffs, Escapes Jail

Amber Gonzalez, who weighs 97-pounds, recently wiggled out of handcuffs and walked out of a police station in Waukesha, Ohio.

Gonzales was arrested for theft at a hotel and placed her in a holding cell, notes WOIO.

Police left Gonzalez alone with her cell phone to try to arrange bail, and that’s when  she wiggled out of the handcuffs, which were on the tightest setting, according to police.

Gonzales reportedly to a gas station where she met up with a truck driver, and the two went back to the same hotel where he paid her for sex.

Police re-arrested Gonzales at the hotel after they got a tip that she’d returned to the hotel.

Gonzales was booked into the county jail where she was later bailed out.

(Source: WOIO)

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